Jim Jam Designs

jimjam@gmail.com by jemma Corcoran


Two Years ago after a break of almost 30 years I took up crochet again. I started making baby blankets as gifts for friends who were having babies. I remember how precious it was when i received crocheted and knitted blankets when my two sons were born. I also started making vowels and scarves for family and friends so JIM Jams Designs was born. No tow scarves or baby blankets are ever exactly the same. Some are made using different colours or some have different borders. All are made with love

I have expanded to make christmas decorations and my newest project is crochet wine gift bags a fabulous and unique alternative to the paper wine bags we all give.


So come and drop by JIMJAMS designs and see what I have20150720_195012 20150725_153840