Crafty Irish Beggars

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We at the ‘Crafty Irish Beggars’ spend much of our time out in the Monaghan forests; woods and bogland looking for the perfect materials to use in our work. Some of the finds that excite us the most tend to be the ones that will eventually become lamps, seeing the underlying patterns within these pieces and seeing the potential for a wonderful fixture that could bring so much to wherever it is placed. We use many woods in our lamps from ancient oak, at over 500 years old, and even older bog oak, aged between four to six thousand years, to younger; lighter laurel and olive, giving our lamps variety even before we delve into the unique patterns of each portion of wood. These individual pieces are carefully crafted in order to bring out patterns seen by the artisan in the wood and further decorated in order to highlight and further complement the overall design. The light bulbs themselves are carefully installed to give not only give light to the surrounding area but also to properly showcase the piece itself under the proper lighting, to display the patterns and colours of the wood in the best possible manner when lit up. Every lamp offers a unique reminder of the woodlands of Ireland with a modern twist, each giving you a wonderful source of light as well as a stunning token of the wilderness. Both lighting fixtures and pieces of art these dazzling creations are sure to fit into any décor, either at home or in the workplace. Fondly crafted and quality tested, we feel confident you will find a piece that is perfect for you and which you will truly treasure from amongst our collection.