The Adventures of Johnny Magory

About the Author

Emma-Jane (EJ), a native of Ballynafagh, Co. Kildare, has written and published “The Adventures of Johnny Magory” whilst managing 3 children, an adult male, a dog, 2 cats, some hens & a full time career in HR. These books reflect on life growing up in Ireland for her. EJ is passionate about Irish heritage and culture and is on a mission to make young children feel the same. EJ is a regular contributing author on Maia Dunphy’s website The M Word.


Children’s Books

The children’s books are based on the old Irish saying “I’ll tell you a story about Johnny McGory”… There’s certainly more to the Johnny Magory books than the old saying!

“He’s a clever boy who’s six years old, he’s usually good, but he’s sometimes bold!”