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Toothfaerie is Ireland’s first zero waste, vegan friendly, 100% food grade toothpaste handmade from Naturally medicinal ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably across the world. It is designed to heal and rejuvenate gums, and remineralize teeth. Packaged in returnable and reusable glass jars, one native Irish tree is planted for every 85ml jar purchased. See ‘Forest of Ireland’ facebook page for tree planting updates. Contains magnesium oil, birch derived xylitol, worlds most powerful antioxidant ‘Sangre de Drago’, distilled water, calcium carbonate and activated charcoal made from non-gm coconut shells. Extra virgin olive oil provides an oil-pulling action to remove plaque and clay base provides an efficient way to remove stains. Returns natural color of teeth and assists in removal of symptoms associated with gum disease, periodontitis and receding gums.