A ‘Cosy’ tale coming along nicely….

A dream of mine about 6 years ago was to have a fun competition that had people making something so naff and old fashioned that it could only be amusing,  it would have people talking and enjoying taking part….I was running Expose Yourself gallery in DunLaoghaire at the time, a lady over-heard other ladies in a chemist in Wexford talking about it and called into the Gallery in DunLaoghaire to hear more details….it never happened as we left that venue shortly after the idea appeared.

I was soon involved in another Gallery but the setting wasn’t quite right, I had passed the idea to the Gallery owner who enjoyed the thought of the competition but the timing wasn’t right either.

Once the Craft Festival plans started to unfold I woke one morning and all I could think about were tea cosies…the timing was perfect, the venue allowed for multitudes of people to view the creations, my partner in business thought it was hilarious and so we started to draw the logo, organise the winners prizes, contact the Guinness Book of Records and find a sponsor so we could offer greater prizes for our winners.

It has given me nothing but excitment to open each entry, I personally have a couple of favourites so far but it is certainly not up to me who wins.

We will have judges to do that work for us and a public vote, you can vote for your favourite on facebook and through this website.  The Tea Cosies will have their photo shoot soon so we can display them all in good light and get their good side!

If you haven’t entered yet, get on it!