Tea Cosies Tumbling in the door


We have had our first entries this week in the post and they are just fantastic! It is like a Christmas present its so exciting opening them up!

If you haven’t started yours, do not fret! Plenty of time! and if you are nearly finished yours……. send it into us quick, we are dying to see it!

The tea cosies will go to their fashion shoot and be put up in our online gallery on our facebook page and also this site.

We hope that if you will be as creative as you like. There are different categories such as traditional, modern and the under 14’s. Great ideas for groups and friends to gather just for a bit of fun.

There are many knitting, stitching, patchwork, felt, woodwork, scrapbook, pottery, metalwork groups out there that this would prove to be a great group activity.  You can also treat it as your own groups personal exhibition,  all tea cosies will be displayed on the day, either for sale or return to their owner if you can’t bare to part with your masterpiece.

Any further questions on the teacosy competition or how to take a stand at the craft festival (last few spaces still available) do not hesitate to contact us: Anne-louise or Karen by e-mail craftfestival2012@gmail.com or click on the contact page for numbers.

The craft festival is a free event so even if you aren’t taking part there will be plenty of workshops you can watch or take part in on the day and plenty of pure craft stalls where you can get that unique piece at.

We look forward to seeing you there and do spread the word………..